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Top 5 Invitation Tips for BudgetBrides

Budget. Working with brides of all ages, from various locations, and on many different paths of life, the one major phrase I hear most often is "I'm on a budget."

With that being said, I present to you my Top 5 Favorite Invitation Tips for BudgetBrides. (phew, that's a long title...)

#1. Having multiple envelopes.

Depending on how tight your budget is, having an outer envelope along with an inner envelope might be an unneeded expense. Concerned about protection of the invitation? You might want to consider an insert card or asking the post office to hand stamp the envelope instead of running it through the machine. My #1 tip if you're on a budget, go with one outer medium weight envelope.

#2. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is an art. It's beautiful. And it can really makes your invitation stand out from the rest. However, this can sometimes run you $2.50-$4.00 PER ENVELOPE! The average wedding size is around 130 people, thats give or take 65 invitations. At $3.00/per invite thats an extra cost of $195. (keep in mind, that's not including a return address or an RSVP envelope) I hate to break it to you, but probably only your parents and maybe best friend will keep the envelope your invite came in. All other envelopes are going in the trash. My #2 tip if you're on a budget, pick a beautiful script font and have the printer do it for you.

#3. Wax Seal

Adding a wax seal to the back of your envelope is a relatively inexpensive way to really spike the value of your invite. Added bonus, it leaves an awesome impression for your guests. You can find pretty much any wax color on Amazon. One wax stick will get you around 10-15 invitations, depending on the size of the seal you want. A pack of 5 wax sticks runs close to $5.00-$6.00. Amazon also has a large variety of Wax Seal Stamps ranging from $5.50-$10.00. My #3 tip if you're on a budget, go with a less expensive envelope option, and add the value with the seal. I promise you, a good handful of your guests will comment about it.

#4. Insert Cards

Response card, Reception card, Accommodation card, Direction card...all around $1.00-$1.50 a pop can add My #4 tip if you're on a budget, start a wedding website. Many are free and come with easy to use templates (see or At the bottom of your response card or reception card simply state "For additional information, please visit:" Utilize your website for accommodation and direction information. Cutting those two cards out will easily save you over well over $100...not to mention extra postage due to weight.

#5. Sticking to a standard size

The most common invitation size is 5x7. What some brides tend to forget is once the invitation cost is complete, you have an additional postage cost for every RSVP card along with invitation envelope. My #5 tip if you're on a budget, try to keep your invitation size close to 5x7. A square envelope or oversized envelope can sometimes end up costing you nearly double the original postage value. Keeping both envelopes at one stamp each will cost you less than a dollar.

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